Google Gen Z and you’ll be overwhelmed with articles about how they’re ‘killing’ traditional media. One of these poor, unfortunate industries (supposedly) being wiped out by the youth, is advertising. Of this savvy group 70% skip every single ad they’re shown, with 52% of this cohort blocking ads altogether! Truly, a demographic without mercy. 

Except they’re not actually killing anything. They’re just doing what young people should do: driving innovation. And our experts have found a fascinating insight into how students engage with programmatic advertising, which will change how effective you view this tactic. Over the last 24 months, we’ve been analyzing data and using our innovative attribution modeling, and we’ve seen that 93% of conversions from programmatic occur post-view.

In simple terms, this means that students view an ad served programmatically, and then convert further down their online journey, rather than clicking immediately on the ad at the time it is served. 

Armed with this information, institutions, and brands who invest in programmatic to reach and engage the student audience will find it one of the most effective channels in their advertising mix. But you would only know this if you were using advanced attribution to understand where your conversions are coming from. Luckily the Natives love sharing this kind of awesome insight into students.

Use your ads to inspire students, introduce that initial brand awareness, while making it relevant to what they care about. Then allow your audience the time and space to do their own research, speak to their peers and come to a decision on their own - and you’ll find them in your post-view conversions instead.

It's all about an integrated funnel approach. Programmatic is a fantastic channel to raise awareness of your brand or product. The display ad canvas provides you with almost unlimited possibilities for creativity. Think movement, think interaction, think dynamic text or images. Your eye-catching ad, does just that. And so your brand awareness and familiarity has a positive effect on your conversions, which we can measure through view-through conversions

- Kaja Szczechura, Head of Paid Media

Clicks are just one metric and don’t encapsulate the digital behavior of a student. However, they’re still important to us in industry. Our research shows that if you’re only measuring last-click attribution, you’re missing 93% of the conversions, and by default, the bigger picture. 

If you would like to know more about how to capture that initial engagement and how to make better data-driven decisions, get in touch.

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