As we head further into the summer, things are heating up. The heatwave in the United States has the entire Net Natives team running for the beach, while the advertising landscape is making some real waves of its own. So as we mop our brows for the fourth time this hour, let’s take some time to appreciate what’s good this month. 

KFC Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are so chic ...ken?

KFC Russia – a fledgling fashion house? Well, perhaps. Earlier this month, agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam decided to try out a new tact for KFC’s marketing. A partnership with St. Petersburg-based streetwear brand Mam Cupy saw the plan hatched. A bucket hat that could as easily keep the sun off your head as it could house your favorite fried food. Genius. Until you realize how much grease there is in your hair. It’s paid off though, as the entire line of buckets has sold out. W + K have also introduced Colonel Sanders to their campaigns, a first for Russian audiences.

faceapp picture

Time to FaceApp to your wrongdoing

The reason your Instagram looks like it’s aged 40 years overnight? Yes, it’s FaceApp. The viral photo editing app has experienced a whirlwind of attention, with highs, lows, and everything in between. This is because nobody’s sure how much the app can be trusted with our faces. It began with claims the app was nabbing photos from people's smartphones without permission. And, rumor has it that the app was being used to train facial recognition algorithms. But FaceApp has denied it all to the BBC... We’re not pointing fingers, but history isn’t on FaceApp’s side. Precursing this controversy, their now-defunct ethnicity filter made headlines in 2017, sparking massive backlash – unsurprisingly. 

To end on a more positive note, though, it works on painted portraits to hilarious (if a little scary) effect. You’re welcome.

bud light

Take me to your lager

Bud Light has come up with a hell of a new marketing idea. Off the back of the definitely-going-to-happen Facebook event, ‘Storm Area 51.’ They Can't Stop All of Us’ (planned for 20th Sept – see you there), what started as a joke might just become a reality. It began on Twitter (because it always begins on Twitter). The beer brewers came up with an ‘Area 51’ can design as part of the internet japes. Now they’re stating that 51,000 retweets will put the design into production. At the time of writing, there’s only 11,000 to go. Who’d have thought 2019 would be the year we’d kick back with some alien friends and space beers?

instagram likes hidden

How’d you like Insta’s update?

Is it the end of the double-tap’s reign? Instagram is trialing the removal of the ‘like’ count on posts in several countries. The ‘gram’s mission is to combat the pressure users feel to compete for likes – and stop them from feeling down if they don’t come. Lack of interaction can wallop some users, increasing anxiety, depression, feeling lonely, bullying, and body image worries. The digital heart brings a rush of endorphins for some, but is it not just a bit… empty? Either way, it marks bad news for influencers and businesses (who can earn megabucks for their like counts). But it’s a win for us everyday types who just want to document our cats growing up in peace.


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