As we wrap up the beautiful warm summer season and prepare for breezy cool autumn, we thought it’d be a perfect time to reflect with this month’s #WhatisGood. Read on and see what caught our eye and inspired us this month.


Guinness gets their hands dirty

Guinness has a knack for celebrating subcultures in a genuinely authentic way. Whether they’re focussing on Compton Cowboys or the Sapeurs of Congo, the human connection is real. The brand’s latest campaign for the upcoming Rugby World Cup is no different. 

The ad follows the story of Liberty Fields, a group of Japanese women who defied gender politics to form the country’s first women’s rugby team. With no formal training, Liberty Fields made it all the way to the Women’s Rugby World Cup and were the first team to represent Japan at the tournament.


Williamsburg Bridge


What3words is the mind-blowing app that is literally saving lives. Founder Chris Sheldrick and his team have divided the world into 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares and assigned three random words to each one. These three words then give an exact location to the user (the words in this section’s header guide you straight to Net Natives office in New York City). 

What3words has so far been used by ride-hailing apps, delivery companies, and emergency services. But the potential uses of a tool like this are basically endless. Wouldn’t it be cool to see it employed at a university open house…


A stroll down memory lane through Spotify’s evocative ads

Was music a big part of your life while growing up? This month, Spotify teamed up with a creative agency, Who Wot Why, to create their ’Listen Like You Used To’ ad campaign. If you’re a music lover that grew up from 1979 to 1999, then you will have a chuckle after seeing Spotify’s new ads, as it’s designed to take their audience that was influenced by tunes from the 80s and 90s down memory lane. 

The whimsical creative ads raised furor among listeners, especially to the Gen Xer’s, as the ads clever wordplay of classic lyrics, artists, and track names aimed to evoke nostalgic connotations to those who were influenced by it. Don’t feel left out if you’re not a Gen Xer. Whether you were born before Gen X or after, everyone has their favorite track or artist that they loved or perhaps still do. Celebrate what influenced you by adding your own spin on it.

Hendrick's gin

Smells like Tube spirit

British Gin Company - The Brits love Gin

If you had to describe a London rush-hour commute using only smells, cucumber and roses would probably be the last on the list. But Hendrick’s Gin made it happen, with a fully immersive sensory experience at King’s Cross St Pancras station. 

Hendrick’s gave the bustling station a surrealist makeover, complete with scented posters, absurdist illustrations – think mustachioed gentlemen floating through the air in gin glasses – and the UK’s biggest floor wrap. If traveling at peak times doesn’t make you want to drink, this certainly will. 

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