For higher education institutions across the U.S. and Canada, managing the admissions process just got easier. Our marketing automation platform, Akero, now directly integrates with the three CRMs most widely used by American education institutions: Slate, Salesforce and Ellucian.

We use Akero to optimize your digital marketing spends to the ads that are generating the highest quality leads. Now, you can use Akero to track the journey of these leads, from the very first click of an ad or an opened email to a direct form submission while integrating this directly into your CRM.

How does your marketing activity impact applications and enrollments?

CRMs (such as Slate, Salesforce, and Ellucian) make enrollment processes at education institutions smoother and more efficient, but much of the data they store is focused on the application stage onwards. This often results in a lack of understanding about what marketing activity has driven particularly applications.

By integrating Akero technology with your CRM, education marketers have this data at their fingertips. Managing students through the entire marketing funnel, from inquiry to enrollment, enables institutions to determine what is driving enrollments.

With this development, institutions can invest more on the marketing activity that is working, and less on what isn’t; ultimately converting more students in the next recruitment cycle.