Here at Net Natives, we recognise the importance of data protection and security. As boring as it sounds, it is important and you need to be aware of it. That's why we have developed our own contact list hashing tool to enable our clients to safely hash and send their contact data lists to us for use in advertising.

Stay ahead of the new legislation

Net Natives are the only agency in the UK who are able to provide such a tool and in doing so we ensure we're adhering to these upcoming changes whilst putting our clients' data protection first.

Now for the geeky stuff - what is Hashing?

Hashing is a one-way cryptographic function that can't be reversed to obtain the originating data. This tool uses a SHA-256 hashing algorithm as required by both Google and Facebook.

Once your data is uploaded to create a custom audience the hashed data is matched against Facebook or Google's existing list of hashed user data. Any matches are added to your custom audience.

Why should you care about Hashing?

On 25th May 2018 the EU General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”) comes into force and brings with it a number of substantial changes to data protection laws in the UK. The GDPR is aimed at harmonising these data protection laws across Europe (yes, this will still affect us once we’ve triggered article 50 and parted ways with our friends in the EU) and will require greater technical security as well as clearer policies surrounding data retention.

One step ahead - the only agency that puts your data first

The data-hashing tool can be used to hash personably identifiable information (PII) in your customer lists before they are uploaded or sent to us for use with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google custom audiences. The process of hashing data is a compliant technique to get around the changes to data protection laws and an irreversible process - NO email addresses or other PII are transferred or stored remotely.

The tool ensures:

  • Personally identifiable information is only ever hashed locally on your browser

  • No selected PII is transmitted or stored remotely in an un-hashed state

  • Hashed data is only ever transmitted and stored on our servers if you select the 'Send to Net Natives' option. Using this option we transfer data using SSL encryption and only in its hashed state. A secure login is required by Net Natives staff to access this data. The data is securely deleted from our servers after 24 hours

Your data is completely protected and we can still build your highly targeted, optimised advertising campaigns.

Want to know more about these upcoming changes to data protection laws and how our hashing tool works? Speak to one of our digital experts.


Article by

George Duffield