This month, we give centre stage to the ad campaigns that made us feel something. Whether it was through copy-led power-billboards, a three-decades-in-the-making video or climate-first initiative, our favourites showed the way to use emotion and cultural conversation to get people talking. Here’s Natives’ outside the education industry inspiration for the month.


“We are not an island”

Without bringing up the ‘B’ word, the UK’s tether to the rest of the world is currently a conversation continually causing conflict and controversies. Which is why HSBC’s “we are not an island” campaign is a powerful reminder that our connectedness should be celebrated. And many of our nationally beloved creations are indebted to the country’s ties to a world beyond the channel. The campaign was led by strong and emotive copy and brought multi-cultural creation and innovation back to the forefront of public consciousness. Talking of nostalgic and thought-provoking copy-led Out of Home campaigns, here’s another favourite of ours.  

Ditto Spotify

“Listen like you used to”

The music streaming giant Spotify this month rolled out a campaign which juxtaposed old-school classics with today’s habits in a whimsical approach. Designed to take commuters and bystanders down memory lane, the witty wordplay of iconic lyrics, artists, and song names pulled on the heartstrings of the masses and used nostalgia to get people talking and running back to their music streaming app. 1995: Out of Home advertising is incredibly powerful. 2019: Ditto.

“Rebuild the world”

Last month paved the way for Lego’s first brand campaign in three decades. With its subtle positioning, they created a campaign that was equal parts: a nod to the endless possibilities of fun with Lego brick and also, a message that implores society to solve problems and enable change with creativity. It’s a fantastic example of how brands can keep true to themselves, all while contributing to bigger, global conversations.

bk meltdown

The BK Meltdown

And on that note. As we all know, these last couple of months have been big for the fight against the climate crisis. We saw what is believed to be the largest climate protest in history last month, where millions of students and other activists abandoned school and work to protest for action against climate change. And that wasn’t all. Huge corporate companies are joining in too. Burger King announced ‘The Meltdown', a plastic toy amnesty, where parents and children are invited to donate their plastic Happy Meal toys. As well as putting a stop to producing the playthings altogether. BK estimates that they will save nearly 320 tonnes of single-use plastics, all the while leaning into their commitment to sustainability. The Meltdown campaign involves bold branding and characters, and the plastic gifts will be melted down to create various play areas, which will bring joy to their little visitors for longer than the current five minutes the toys do. 

The fight against the climate crisis is a global one, for everyone. It’s your move, McDonald’s.

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