Our agile advertising team at Natives are always: making headway, making new discoveries and, most importantly, making their work count. We flashed our backstage passes and had a look into what the team learned from our most recent campaigns.

If you want further information on any of the below campaigns, or you want to discuss your advertising strategy- then do reach out and say hello.

So, without further adieu - here’s what went down last month.  

Serve uniqueness

It’s bizarre that good creative is ever questioned, especially for competitive social media advertising where imagery is so important. You want to make sure it's your advert standing out from the crowd capturing the attention of prospective students and perhaps showing something different.

We were given the opportunity to test two different types of creative for a campaign last month. We learnt that generic images of students were not driving conversion; they were blending in with other education advertisers and failed to deliver more than 100 clicks. We compared this generic creative,  with something much more striking and (most importantly) unique. The results speak for themselves, we saw a 25% increase in leads and 112% in clicks.

Need for speed

A fast-loading landing page can see page views increase by 1440%! And it is recommended by us that your page should load in no more than four seconds. Otherwise, you run the risk of prospective students clicking back and going elsewhere - would you bother waiting?

We worked with an institution who not only had a cookie policy pop-up, but also a very slow website. We worked with them to improve their site-speed, in order to maximise their advertising efforts. Once we reduced the load-time, we then further optimised getting people to the landing page, using Akero to track the conversions. Remember folks, even if people ignore a site’s cookie policy, visitors are still tracked by Facebook and Google ads - unless they’ve specifically opted out.

Bing Bing Bing - jackpot!

Yes, you read that right. Bing should not be known as a poor man’s Google, Bing adverts actually reach 23 million education searches that aren’t reached in Google. With low CPCs and a significant difference in platform cost, we’ll certainly be utilising Bing’s advertising space.

We have noticed that Bing has made a concerted effort (which has been successful) to catch up with Google. Recently we have seen functionality on the platform which enables custom audiences, as well as action extensions to apply to search ads.

If you want to hear more about the campaigns we’re running, or how our experts can help you smash your student recruitment targets, get in touch.

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Matt Payne

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