Lewisham Southwark College wanted to update their social media presence on YouTube; as a way of keeping the College’s name in the public domain. On a strategic level, it was important for the College to appear more student centric, to help inspire potential students. They needed to offer a refreshed look and feel to their YouTube page; most importantly for their video content.

The Solution

The College worked with Net Natives on a video campaign, which included one promotional video, as well as a 30 second advert to be shared on Facebook. Sonia Furley, Head of Marketing and Communications at the College, explains: “Following the creation of our main promotional video, we decided to compliment it with a 30 second advert. We chose to re-cut the original video giving a taste of what the actual video was about – so we didn’t just chop 30 seconds from the main video. We felt that this was really important because the audiences are in different mind-sets for the two different types of promotion.”

The Result

The reach generated by the video campaign exceeded expectations, generating over seven thousand page views and 193,545 impressions. Sonia Furley continues: “We’re so pleased that the content being produced and the targeting seems to be working and producing results. It’s a real team effort between our in-house team, the video producers and Net Natives – and shows that if you engage the right team, with a clear brief, it works.”

You can watch the full video below.

Article by

Rich Campbell

Head of Marketing