To ensure a level playing field, UCAS put their entire website advertising inventory into a lottery ballot. Institutions select the items they’d like to buy and UCAS randomly assign each item to the universities who registered an interest.

We’re running a webinar at 11am on the 4th December. Our UCAS Media Buyer, Lauren Maidens, and Account Director, James Brown, will share their expertise and insights and give advice on how to best approach this process. Click here to save your place and get ahead of the game.

Why attend the webinar?

In true Net Natives fashion we thought we’d give you a little tease of the type of information and data you will find in the webinar. If you have any specific questions about your own Clearing strategy then please get in touch.

Data from the National Clearing Survey 2017

UCAS is the big player

The National Clearing Survey revealed that the UCAS website is the first place students go on A-level Results Day. This could be because 61% of respondents did not include their Clearing institution as one of their original choices.

With this in mind, perhaps your institution will want to bid on homepage items? If students are coming straight to the site, you’ll want to make sure your institution is seen first, with carefully targeted messaging to advertise your course offering.

Advertising potential

The graph shows the potential for advertising on the UCAS Clearing homepage. Note that the CTR is higher on mobile, but the overall clicks for a desktop device are twice as high.

Keyword strengths

Keyword politics

Look at the strength of your keywords, particularly for specific courses. If your chosen keyword has a low number of impressions, then it might be more effective to bid on another inventory product? For example, the list below shows that “Agriculture” has a relatively low number of impressions, which has resulted in a high CTR. This is why you and your teams need to think smart and work out whether or not you would want to allocate spend to this item -  where the budget could be better used elsewhere.


Post A-level Results Day

47% of students secure their place through Clearing after A-level Results Day. We would advise to not necessarily allocate all your budget to items in the run-up to Results Day and to look past the day. For example, overall CTR rates peaked after the day. Does this show us that perhaps students allow time to let the dust settle before really engaging with Clearing content on the UCAS website?

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Matt Payne

Senior Marketing Executive