Turbocharge your advertising with Spotify

In the first of a new series we take a look at some of the programmatic partners we work with at Natives. And this month we look to one of the world’s most successful student audience brands, making it an ideal platform for a university to advertise on.

Our programmatic partner focus this month is, (drumroll please…) Spotify.

Enjoying a cool 200 million global monthly users and 19.4 million unique UK users, Spotify becomes particularly interesting to student marketers when you consider, out of those 19 million Brits, the largest demographic of that audience is the 18-24 year olds. And 1st party targeting can be as detailed as age, gender and even playlist and genre.  

Famously friends with the student audience, Spotify offers discounts and memberships, a student brand ambassador programme and Spotify’s Secret Social (the biggest student all-nighter). What we’re trying to say, Spotify loves students, and students love Spotify.

Due to the programmatic partnerships we have in place and our audience expertise, Natives can access exclusive inventory via the private marketplace, meaning that your brand can be placed across some of the highest profile ad positions in the digital space, at scale, and within reach of most budgets.

How one Public Research University had 3x the conversion using Spotify

We recently ran a programmatic ad campaign advertising open days for a London-based Public Research University. The campaign utilised Spotify’s 1st party targeting options to raise awareness of the institution and drive traffic through to a campaign landing page for their event.

Utilising existing creative video and display ad assets, the video received 97% completion rate and a fantastic 3x conversion rate for ads shown on Spotify compared to those from the standard inventory.

Not only that, but the data captured on the landing page (using Akero) can be used going forward to further refine targeting, create look-a-like audiences and turbocharge future campaigns, increasing performance, results and further reducing the cost per lead.

If you want to know more about advertising on Spotify or how programmatic can get your university across brand-safe, premium publishers, then get in touch.

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