We have some good news. Alongside our friends at Student Hut and their 120,000 strong Student Opinion Panel, Natives has just been appointed as The Office for Student’s long-term research partner.

The strategic project aims to understand key student groups; applicants, undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates, in order to develop a sound understanding of this demographic’s views and measure the impact of OfS’ projects across England. Working towards an education landscape that is accessible and open to all prospective students. It’s no secret that this an area we’re passionate about. 

Because of Student Hut Opinion Panel’s unique combination of diversity and engagement, married with its ability to segment participants into hyper-targeted groups, this partnership is the perfect pairing. We’re excited to be a part of this important work, and it’s only just the beginning.

“This long term partnership with Office for Students will ensure we better understand and measure the perceptions of students to make a real impact on key issues in the HE sector, such as participation and fair access.”

- Kas Nicholls, Director, Student Hut Opinion Panel

You can find more about what Student Hut gets up to and why this partnership is so exciting here.

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