It’s a brand new year, strike that, decade. And while we’re all about looking forward and getting excited about the future, it’s good to take stock of the brilliant things we got up last year. So with that in mind, our Creative Director asked the creative team to select their favourite projects of the year and, it’s fair to say, it was a tough gig. But here’s a whistle-stop tour of what 2019 was all about, and what got our creatives feeling really proud. 

London South Bank University

“We both worked on this project, from concept right through into production and post-production. So we’re really proud that we can take full ownership of this one. And the words used in the creative speak for themselves; empowering and bold. Featuring real students with real stories, making sure we did them justice. And it's even cooler that a project we’re really proud of made a genuine difference because the campaign doubled all of LSBU’s targets.”

Georgia, Lead Designer and Alice, Creative Copywriter



Lambeth College

“The FE market is full of very stylised messaging and images so we really wanted to strip it right back and make it feel real. Lambeth is family, as opposed to just a college, where the students are able to be who they really are, including the seemingly ‘negative’ personality traits and emotions (shy, nervous, apprehensive). Free to be their whole selves. Lambeth offers a space for all of you. And that really resonated with Lambeth’s audience; the messaging and platform for the students not typically seen in the stylised adverts that we’re used to.”

George and Freya, Creative Copywriters

Brunel University London | Brunel Medical School

“I’m really proud of this one, particularly as Brunel University London doesn’t actually have a campus yet, so that definitely comes with its own challenges. But from pitch all the way through to production, I think we’ve created something that really speaks to the brief and an international audience. The graphics and design are intended to slow people down and therefore can’t be too overbearing. And to complement, we’ve used simple, straightforward language. Creating something that is safe and secure. Not hectic or energetic as that wouldn’t resonate with the international audience. To finish it off, we included the completing circles to give a feeling of coming together, community, completeness.”

Freya, Creative Copywriter & Elliot, Designer

A swift interlude: Want to know more about what Freya and Elliot mean by using appropriate language to resonate with a specific audience? Check out our recent article on personality marketing for the scoop.

The University of Plymouth

“Plymouth’s philosophy is all about discovery, and I really wanted to convey that through lightweight motion. So the thought behind the animation is that it’s always discovering new forms, it’s forever changing. And I really love the outcome.”

Andrew, Mid-Weight Designer

London South Bank University | No Barriers to Brilliance

“This is something I’m particularly proud of. LSBU wanted to empower anyone, regardless of their background, situation or barriers, to get the education they deserve. A space to tell their own story. And with that, we came up with No Barriers to Brilliance, and LSBU turned it into an entire platform and space to empower individuals and their community. Very proud to work on such a positive and inspiring project.”

Joe Jeffries, Lead Copywriter

Study in Sweden

“And this one is my favourite! An awesome thing to work on, genuinely something really interesting, different and unlike anything we see in the international education space. Bring on another year working with the awesome Study in Sweden.”

Charlie Penrose, Creative Director

There you have it, some of the projects that have made our creative team mega proud last year. And this only scratches the surface. Keep an eye out to see what we get up to in 2020, and if you want to make the list this time next year, get in touch. 

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