Last month our Natives were inspired by Valentine’s Day. It got us thinking about the importance of how the right match can lead to a long and happy relationship.

What does this have to do with advertising? 

Well this month our experts have been sharing with us their tactics and strategies to reach the right audience with relevant ads. The perfect match of both, leading to more impactful results.

See the tenuous link? Oh you can’t say we don’t try. 

DON’T SHOUT – when is it better to give your audience a break?

In a recent campaign for a niche post-grad US provider, we found a great example of how it’s best to sometimes give your audience a break, for better advertising results. 

In a previous campaign we had driven traffic to their website, capturing the audience data using our Akero-powered lead gen forms. Now, we wanted to remarket to prospective students who had already shown an interest, but not yet converted, in order to increase conversions. 

Initially, the cost per lead and quality of enquiry was good, but we noticed that as the frequency of impressions increased, the volume of leads began to decrease. Our ad strategists recommended to give this audience a break and switching things up, and market to a look-a-like audience – with immediate results. 

This new tactic reduced the cost per lead by over 50%, and when we switched on the initial audience after a week break, we also saw a CPL reduction of 33%. 

This is a great example of being brave and changing up a tactic for even better performance. Giving an audience a break from your advertising can be beneficial in the longer term and this also highlights just how powerful using different audiences can be for your next campaign. 

Make a good first impression 

For a major international provider, we have been running Google Search campaigns across multiple global regions. Based on the data from previous campaigns that were run in-house, our experts could judge that a key motivator for prospective students was location-related searches.

With multiple programmes delivered by multiple institutions globally, this presented the Natives with the perfect campaign to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion. Every time a search such as ‘Study In the UK’ or ‘Study In Scotland’ was made, making use of Dynamic Keyword Insertion in our ad copy meant the exact search made by the user appears in Headline 1 of the ad – creating a hyper personalised and hyper-relevant experience for the prospective student. 

And this was seen in the results. Where Dynamic Keyword Insertion was used, our client saw a 270% increase in click-through-rate compared to their previous in-house campaigns. And conversion increased by 33%. A great result for the client. 

If you want to hear more about the campaigns we’re running, or how our experts can help you smash your student recruitment targets, get in touch.

Article by

Rich Campbell

Head of Marketing