The first weekend of August is a big deal here in Brighton. Think glitter, glamour and an array of gorgeous people. Pride is without fail the most fabulous day in the Natives social calendar, and this year we went bigger than ever.

As one of the UK’s largest and most popular LGBTQ+ events, Brighton Pride 2019 saw over 300,000 people dancing in the city’s streets in the name of inclusivity, equality and tolerance. It all kicked off with a parade through the city, an opportunity for us Natives to show our LGBTQ+ pride, and support the local community.

Pride 1

This year was a special one. As the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots, Pride 2019 was a celebration of 50 years of LGBTQ+ history. And, celebrating with the theme Generations of Love, Natives HQ got to work making decorations, outfits and playlists that would take us back to the 90s.

Hours of crafting brought people from across the company together, turning old CDs, clothing and cardboard into Rubik’s Cubes, smiley faces, boomboxes and even a Nokia 3310!

This was also a chance for us to raise money for our chosen local charity, AudioActive, a company dedicated to helping young people work towards bright futures in the music industry.

Spirits were high as we all took the time to celebrate the diverse and accepting city that we’re so lucky to live and work in. Here’s what made the day so special for so many of us.

Pride NATIVES 2019 1

“Fitting in isn’t easy, whatever walk of life you come from. I will forever be grateful for my Pride experience and that is down to my incredible colleagues who made it so wonderful. See you next year huns – splits on the float all round!” - Georgi Douglas

“Pride creates an open and safe environment for everybody to be themselves, with no judgement or fear. Looking out at the people who came to watch and the city I love, made me proud to be part of it all.” - Abi Aldred

Pride NATIVES 2019 6

“This year was my first pride in Brighton and I absolutely loved it. I feel Brighton really comes into its own during Pride weekend and really proves why it’s the best place in the world!” - Alex Gage

“My fiancé is a trans man so it’s incredibly important to celebrate how far we’ve come in terms of LGBT rights. It was really emotional for me, actually. There were times I could feel myself well up with pure pride!” - Lisa Wadham

Natives 2019 2

“Brighton is my connection to Pride. We’ve always been a city that’s not afraid to stand out and celebrate, which I absolutely love. This was my first Pride on the float and I felt famous!” - Martha Southon

“Honestly, the number one thing that stuck with me was how a church in Brighton was protesting for Pride and holding up supportive signs, it made me cry so much!” - Dina Mouhandes 

Natives 2019 7

“Celebrating Pride won’t miraculously make everyone feel comfortable enough to come out to their family, colleagues or friends, nor will it encourage everybody to think twice about using discriminatory language. But we should keep celebrating as loud as we can until it does.” - Cece Bukkholm

“Growing up in Brighton, I've watched the parade most years from the age of about 2, so it was a nice change to be on the other side looking into the crowd. You could see people loved how energetic the Natives float was, which made it really worthwhile.” - Alex Coyle

We don’t take Pride lightly here at Natives HQ. As Stonewall Diversity Champions, we work hard to make sure that everyone feels accepted at work, no matter their sexuality or gender.

Special thanks to everyone that got involved with decorating, donating and dancing. See you all next year!

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