With such a shift in the way students are applying to university and the forever changing landscape of Clearing, what do our experts predict will happen in 2018?

From Clearing tactics and new advertising developments through to the current Clearing landscape and predictions for Clearing 2018, our latest webinar is essential listening to ensure you'll be bringing your best to A-level Results Day this year.

Listen to the recording on-demand to hear from our Director of Education, Murray Simpson, Head of Natives Global Consulting, Katherine Nicholls and Advertising Account Planner, Rosie Neill on how you can revolutionise your marketing strategy ahead of the big day.

What are our experts predicting ahead of the big day?


Rosie Neill - Advertising Account Planner

Data from 2017's National Clearing Survey found that 52% of respondents went through Clearing for reasons other than achieving lower grades than predicted. This is massively indicative that Clearing is shifting from what it has always traditionally been. As competition between universities ramps up, students have more choice. As a student marketer, you'll need to have a content-led strategy that focuses on all aspects of the conversion funnel (awareness, consideration, intent and decision) and more than just the 'traditional Clearing student' - A-level Results Day shouldn't be the sole focus of your efforts.

Kas Nicholls - Head of Natives Global Consulting

When asked for their feedback on their experience of Clearing in 2017, some students from the National Clearing Survey mentioned that the Clearing process could be improved. Many institutions had a stressful and confusing process on A-level Results Day. So much so, that some students accepted offers elsewhere because the communication from the first institutions they contacted was not quick enough or lacked sufficient information.

Therefore it's vital to boost your efforts when it comes to following up with calls, queries and offers. Plan the number of staff you'll have available and equip them with the most relevant information to make the process smoother in 2018. Reduce on-call waiting time and transferring calls, and get those offers out the door as soon as possible.

Murray Simpson - Director of Education

It's pretty clear now that the idea of Clearing is slowly dwindling away - traditional clearing students are becoming a thing of the past. And Clearing will be just another intake day in the application cycle. The more savvy students are becoming, the more critical it is for education marketers to move away from traditional messaging and be more innovative with their campaigns. In 2018, we'll see students becoming more like savvy consumers when it comes to deciding where to study - waiting for A-level Results Day to make their decision when the choices and options available to them are more abundant.

All exciting stuff, right? We're looking forward to seeing how the big day pans out this year. If you're interested in understanding the journey from the perspective of your Clearing students, the National Clearing Survey will be back this year bigger and better than before - you can sign up for your institution to take part here.

If you'd like to speak to our experts about how they can help you with your Clearing strategies, get in touch here.

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