The April Roundup

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Carlsberg | Probably not the best beer in the world

A big topic we keep being drawn back to is the Pratfall effect, illustrated by Carlsberg’s “We’re probably not the best beer in the world” campaign. Outing the brand’s self-admitted neglect to the quality of their product, falling into the trap of prioritising quantity instead. This campaign caught the attention of Natives with their statement, yet endearing self-awareness, perfectly executed TOV, as well as their pledge to be more socially responsible with what they’re selling. Will it work? Almost every marketer is watching this one.

Marketing Campaign Carlsberg Pilsner Probably Not The Best Beer In The World
Lush Social Media Campaign Were Switching Up Social

Lush | Social media blackout

This month, Lush waved goodbye to their social presence; removing all their social media accounts. Citing that the ever complex social algorithms are making it increasingly difficult to connect with audiences.

Mothercare | Beautiful, isn’t she?

Something close to our hearts is diversity, authenticity and empowerment in marketing. Mothercare’s latest campaign certainly ticks all those boxes. In celebration of motherhood, Mothercare in collaboration with TFL, created a series of sans photoshop portraits of mothers and babies sporting the simple message “beautiful, isn’t she?”.

Mothercare set another example of how campaigns, with the right delivery, message and intent, can take a stand and unite on a deeper level with their target audience. In a world saturated with filters and unrealistic beauty standards, this message resonates with real women and cements Mothercare as a champion for their mums.

Mothercare isnt she beautiful marketing campaign
Burger King Whopper Mandate Advert

Burger King | Day of the Whopper

Finally, we couldn’t sign off without paying some appreciation for the annual day of Burger King’s Whopper (we didn’t know it was something missing from our lives until last week, either). The fast food giant reminded us of the power of perfectly pitched long form copy and boldly declared that for one day only it’d be a whopper exclusive menu. Albeit a risky move, it got people talking, sharing the advert (and BK’s name) all over social media and paying a visit to the fast food chain they otherwise wouldn't have. Two of our Natives milked the occasion for all it’s juicy glory and tucked into four impressive Whoppers; it’s safe to say it had an impact.

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