Net Natives,the UK's leading digital agency for education and government,are pleased to announce that they have been accepted onto the Crown Commercial Service and Government Digital Services' new Digital Outcomes and Specialist Framework, and listed on the Government's Digital Marketplace portal.

Buying services through the Digital Outcomes and Specialist Framework means that procurement officers and buying departments can save on the time and cost of entering into individual procurement contracts. All public sector organisations, including agencies and arm's length bodies, can use the Digital Marketplace.

Only the top 1% of digital businesses* have met the standards and been accepted on the new framework, which has been developed to create a diverse pool of specialist agile service providers. It specifically enables and supports the Government's digital by default strategy and cloud adoption commitment, with Net Natives offering digital-first, creative driven and outcome focussed, digital advertising and marketing solutions.

The Digital Outcomes and Specialist Framework offers public sector buyers and procurement officers assurances that Net Natives have been rigorously assessed and have been found to meet certain standards including:

  • Compliance with the Digital by Default Standard and alignment with the Government Digital Service Design Manual

  • Capacity to enable the delivery of digital projects at multiple UK locations

  • A complete focus on positive outcomes by blending data and technology with original creativity

  • Complete ownership and development of our own technology tools in order to meet the specific requirements of our clients

  • Able to deliver difficult cross-platform campaigns - over both long-term, multi-year strategic contracts, or shorter term problem-solving campaigns


“We’re really excited at the prospect of being able to work with central government and other public sector organisations where being on this framework was a prerequisite for procurement. We look forward to bringing our unique blend of digital insights and our experience of driving behavioural change for local authorities to this framework”

- Nick Willmer, Account Director at Net Natives

Net Natives are the only agency that can offer its own marketing performance platform software, Akero, and have unique partnerships with the world's largest e-retailer Amazon, Google Premier Partner status and are the first agency outside of the United States to be recognised as a Facebook Partner Agency.

For more information on the Digital Marketplace, our framework accreditations, or to speak to us about how Net Natives can support digital outcomes for local authorities and public sector organisations, speak to us today.

Article by

Rich Campbell

Head of Marketing