With a huge push to tackle the global problem of waste and sustainability, we joined other like-minded, Brighton-based businesses down at the world's oldest aquarium for a night of celebrating the best environmentally-friendly businesses at Paper Round’s annual customer awards night.

The night centred around recognising local businesses’ commitment to the environment, and Natives were delighted to scoop up the much sought-after Award for Environmental Excellence.

In 2018, we saved 60 trees and recycled 6,790kg of rubbish, something we’re committed to improving every year. We’ll continue to look at reducing our carbon footprint, and are currently looking at a reforestation scheme where we hope to improve our carbon balance by 25%, by 2020.

- Emma Meeking, Head of People, Natives

Our environmental commitments extend beyond our offices too. We’re proud to help our clients run campaigns that are making a real difference in the world. Working with Hampshire County Council, we used smart insight and compelling creative to inspire long-term behaviour change and reduce plastic waste in the Borough by a third. In the education sector, we worked with the University of Hull to launch an institution-wide initiative focused on reviewing plastic consumption and waste, with the aim to reduce and eliminate plastic on campus.

If you’d like to hear more about how we’re committed to tackling the global problem of waste and sustainability, please get in touch.

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