We thought it was time to shine some light on our uber-intelligent Paid Media team. They oversee the successful execution of a media plan and ensure that campaigns are delivered as effectively as possible. Oscar Djama Tuckett, one of our Paid Media Executives, is here to give us all the insider scoop in team PME and tell us a little bit more about his life here at Natives.

So Oscar, tell us a bit about your background… What brought you to Natives?

I applied for the role shortly after finishing my MA in journalism and film. Having studied economics at undergraduate, I already had some background in data analytics and wanted to try and find something that would draw upon both academic backgrounds. After researching the agency, being the student experts they are, their desire to be a leading light in this field of research, and coming in for an interview, I knew this place would be a great fit for me!

Their attention to detail and aspirations to understand the student market really stood out. It set them apart from other agencies as a company that was seeking to immerse itself within its chosen market, instead of simply trying to keep up with the trends.

There really is no such thing as a stupid question. Which is a godsend when you’re first starting out in a job!

Could you tell us what a typical day at Natives looks like for you?

It varies a lot from day-to-day as a Paid Media Exec. As well as checking, optimising and building advertising campaigns, we produce reports and share our findings with other teams. 

In an ever-changing industry, there is a real onus on the team to stay up-to-date and in the know; in our weekly meetings, we always arrive with the latest news and updates from the world of advertising. And we love to share this externally as well, check out our most recent campaign newsletter which we publish on the Natives blog every month.

What are the progression opportunities like with Paid Media?

There is a lot of scope to develop a role that you are comfortable with. When I first started I was given a six-month training plan, which gave me the opportunity to find my feet and settle in. It was great too because you’re encouraged to find a niche and specialise in whichever areas of the job that interests you most. After passing probation, you can sit down with your manager and map out your personal development plans, during which you can reassess any objectives or identify new areas in which you want to progress within.

How did you find the interview process?

As with all job interviews, I was very anxious to begin with. However, any nerves I had were quickly put to rest during the meeting itself. Everybody I spoke to was warm and welcoming and seemed genuinely interested in my past experiences and what had inspired me to apply for the role.

After having a conversation with the department leaders, I was introduced to the rest of the team. This was mutually beneficial in a number of ways; they got a chance to see how I would fit in, and I got the chance to familiarise myself with my future colleagues, which made my first day on the job a lot less daunting.

What is the interview process like?

A phone interview, an excel task, and then a Face to Face! 

How would you describe the office life in Natives HQ? 

The atmosphere here is friendly and welcoming; people take a genuine interest in what you’re up to and how you’re getting along whether you’re a new starter or somebody who’s been a part of the furniture for years. From my experience, I haven’t had a bad word to say about any of my colleagues so far! They’re always willing to help you as well, so there really is no such thing as a stupid question. Which is a godsend when you’re first starting out in a job!

Do you have a 'proudest moment' in your career to date?

Seeing as I’ve only recently passed probation, I’d have to say that’s my proudest moment so far! And how quickly I’ve managed to settle here. A lot of credit for that has to go to my team and the other people I’ve met at Natives, but it was a big thing for me personally to feel so comfortable in my new surroundings after such a short period of time. Starting at a big agency can be daunting at first, but the transition period couldn’t have gone any better for me.

Oscar Quick Fire

Okay Oscar, and now for the quickfire round...

And that's all from Oscar, for now. If you'd like to hear more about life as a Native or about the career opportunities at Natives, please visit our careers page or get in touch. 

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