Marketers are gearing themselves up for a potentially seismic change in the way we control and process data, with an incoming new legislation, called EU GDPR, set to become law from the 25th May 2018.

But what are marketers sentiments towards GDPR and how have they changed over time? What about education marketers specifically? These are all questions we are asking you in our GDPR Compliance Confidence Survey, with the top-line results, opportunities and challenges of the new law set to be discussed in our live webinar on Thursday 3rd August .

How are marketers feeling about GDPR? A sneak preview...

But before we get into that, we wanted to shine the light on the sentiments surrounding GDPR. Our Research and Insights specialists employed the market research tools at their disposal to really get under the skin of how searches and conversations around GDPR are changing over time.

It may come as no surprise that there has been a steep incline in search related terms for GDPR since December 2016 and the start of the one-year countdown. The majority of these searches are happening in England, which raises some interesting questions about levels of awareness and preparedness in the other Home Nations. Searches between June 2015 and May 2016 centred around 'What is GDPR', and 'When does GDPR start', indicating that there were a lot of questions around the whole subject. Since June 2016 to May 2017, there has been an increase in searches related to 'Compliance' and 'Regulation', which would suggest that levels of awareness have increased but the chief concerns around complying have risen to the surface.

We used our specialist social listening tools to look at how social listening volumes and key terms have changed over a 2-year period. As you can see, conversations around GDPR have also really ramped up in the social space, increasing by an incredible 3,200% from the first 6 months (June 2015 - November 2015) of measurement to the 6-month period just gone (December 2016 - May 2017). Similarly to search volume, social conversations have increased over the listening period, with topics evolving from general queries into specific conversations around compliance and regulation.

But what about the education sector specifically?

Of course we turned our attentions and tools towards the education sector! In keeping with the national trend, volume of searches and conversations have increased over the same time period, but what is really interesting is that in stark contrast to the national picture, education marketers are displaying more positive sentiments to GDPR. Education marketers are discussing GDPR with positive sentiments in 38% of their online social conversations, compared with the national picture of just 5.7%.

The education specific word-cloud helps us understand which topics are being discussed and in what context, and it appears that education marketers have evolved from viewing GDPR as a challenge to seeing it as an opportunity. Stand-out topics include those around 'national regulation with specific protection' and 'huge opportunity for schools'. We'll be looking at opportunities presented to education marketers in our live webinar broadcast on the 3rd August 2017 and publishing a whitepaper with the findings shortly afterwards.

How do you feel about GDPR?

We are currently running the GDPR Compliance Confidence Survey for education and government marketers, which seeks to shed light on how the sector is feeling ahead of the GDPR compliance deadline. We are looking for education marketers at all levels to complete this short survey. By completing the survey you will be contributing to a sector-wide national research project and will receive a copy of the whitepaper, which allows you to benchmark your own sentiments against that of your colleagues, before the report is published.

Take the GDPR Compliance Confidence Survey.

We will be discussing the top-line results of the GDPR Compliance Confidence Survey and look at opportunities and challenges presented by GDPR for education marketers on Thursday 3rd August at 2pm in a live webinar.

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