The capability to track and capture data is essential. Understanding how your visitors use your website, the actions they take, and how they consume your content is fundamental.

The Science and Engineering Faculty at The University of Manchester weren’t confident that the analytics they had in place were reliable. And with inaccurate data, they lacked a true understanding of how their sites were performing. Or how visitors were engaging with their content.

Successfully reconfiguring and repurposing the Faculty’s Google Analytics, the team can now look at and report on, the metrics that matter. Reconfiguring the account improved the quality and accuracy of the data, providing deeper insight into the behaviour of web visitors, beyond just page views.

“Thanks to the experts at Natives we’re now in a position to produce reports and measurements that give powerful and holistic insights into how our different sites are performing, helping to inform future marketing decisions across all websites within Science and Engineering at The University of Manchester. We were so impressed with the work the team at Natives have carried out that we’ve recommended them to another Faculty.”

With such a wealth of quality data, the University can now determine which of their pages resonate the most with their audience - pinpointing the content that is the most useful to students - and analyse the behaviours of their website visitors; if users are engaging with content, clicking through to destination sites, or showing intent to apply to a course.

To find out how we can help you track and capture the data that is vital to a successful marketing strategy, get in touch with our experts

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Megan Dillon

Content Marketing Executive