Creative is at the core of successful advertising; it’s the key factor in determining campaign performance. You could have the best brand proposition and audience targeting, but it’s useless if your creative isn’t cutting through.

With 93% of UK Facebook use happening on mobile, and users scrolling the length of Big Ben in content every week, it’s never been more important to think mobile first with your creative. We caught up with our Facebook Partner Manager, Lizzy Lillington-Lester to find out how to produce highly-converting creative for a mobile feed.

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Creative considerations for mobile video:

1. Capture dwindling attention spans in the first few seconds

You’ve only got 1.7 seconds to capture somebody’s attention, so your content has to feature something exciting or enticing in the first few seconds to make people stop scrolling and watch. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just something that delivers the key message and stands out in those 96 meters of content consumption.

Use head-turning images for the opening scene and/or video thumbnail, and make use of the caption text to entice people to want to keep watching. And don’t bother with introductions, get right to the point and jump straight into the video.

2. Design your content for sound off

85% of video on Facebook is watched with the sound off, yet 76% of advertisers are still producing video content that needs sound to be understood. Design your video content to perfectly deliver your message without the need for any sound; lay text over your imagery to pull out your proposition and key images. If you do decide to have dialogue, use subtitles so that the audience can still choose to watch your video even if they are in an environment where they cannot play sound. Consider using your brand fonts and colours in your text overlays and subtitles for instant brand recognition.

In contrast, over on Instagram, 60% of Stories are watched with the sound on, so this could be a better platform for placing content with sound. Don’t be afraid to ask your audience to turn their sound on, either.

3. Frame your video for vertical viewing

Vertical videos take up much more space than square or horizontal videos, so of course it makes perfect sense to embrace portrait aspect ratios to dominate your audience’s screen. Plus in testing, Facebook found a significant uplift in ad recall when comparing vertical to horizontal video. 9:16 videos will fill the entire screen from top to bottom, while 4:5 or 2:3 videos will still dominate the majority of the screen size, allowing space for the caption to remain in view.

But what if you want to use existing assets that aren’t shot in portrait mode? Divide up the vertical space and stack your content/text in a split screen frame. Unfold is a great app for creating stacked vertical content.

4. Keep it short and sweet

Facebook recommend video duration to be kept to 15 seconds or less to match dwindling attention spans and be eligible for placements across all Facebook products. Research has found that it takes 3 seconds for brand recall and 10 seconds for purchase consideration, so ensure you introduce your brand and proposition within these timescales for optimum results. If you have pre-produced long-form content, such as a TV advert, utilise this cleverly to optimise it for mobile; cut it into a trailer-inspired video, or create GIFs or cinemagraph stills to match your long-form content.

5. Combine video, static and lightweight motion

Insights have found that static images and video work well together, resulting in a 6% uplift from campaigns that use a combination of both. Adding lightweight motion (such as basic animations/transitions) to static assets is even more effective - these yield a 17% higher conversion lift versus static images alone.

There are four simple ways to add lightweight motion to your static assets: 

  1. Basic motion - animating small elements or adding funky transitions
  2. Brand logo in motion - animating the brand logo
  3. Benefit in motion - animating key benefits (such as a promotion or testimonial)
  4. Demo in motion - showing your product or service in action


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