We’ve gone behind the scenes at Natives again this month, to find out what has caught the attention of our advertising team. Dynamic Search Ads, the beauty of Carousel ads, and emphasising the importance of letting results speak for themselves are all on the agenda.

Which ad type generated 6x the number of applications?

During one Postgraduate campaign, we ran two identical ad groups, one utilising Dynamic Search Ads and the other Expanded Text Ads. The undeniable winner was Dynamic Search Ads, with a CTR that was 850% higher and a CPC that was 30% lower. The ad generated 6x the number of applications, making it a slam dunk.

Carousel Ads running circles around video

Next up are Carousel Ads and video, and in this campaign we used the creative to highlight the various USPs of a northern institution.

We ran two different tactics, starting with paid video content across Facebook and Instagram, followed with Carousel ads across the same platforms. In this campaign, Carousel ads were far more effective, reducing the CPA for the Postgraduate audience by 51% and reducing the CPA for Undergraduate audiences by 31%.

We then had the data to back up the next phase of the activity and focus on the ad types that were getting the most effective results.

Letting the results speak for themselves

Recently, a Public Research University wanted to use a dropdown in their Facebook Lead Ads form that listed all 165 courses on offer. We recommended having the different programme areas as the options instead, which would mean a much smaller list. We ran a seven day split test so we could make a decision based on solid data, allowing us to spend the remaining budget based on the results.

The condensed form was the clear winner, bringing in 77% of the leads, and reducing the CPA by 70%, the CPC by 48% and almost doubling the CTR. If you want to know more, get in touch today.

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