As an FE College, with 25 competitors in a ten mile radius, The Sixth Form College, Solihull needed to mix things up and try something different to increase enrolment figures. The College were only familiar with traditional marketing outlets, such as print and radio, and had never managed any planned digital campaigns.

Net Natives were given the challenge to enrol as many students as possible in this exceptionally competitive market

Our team of Digital Consultants worked with The Sixth Form College, Solihull on targeting 14-16 year olds, and parents, across Facebook Newsfeed adverts, this ensured that the College reached the right people online. During enrolment month, Net Natives launched a retargeting campaign, so anyone who landed on the site would be given updated messaging to bring them back to the landing page which had been set up.

A Q&A was also run with the Principal, which gave parents and students the opportunity to post questions before enrolling; the post promoting proved the most engaging of the entire year.

Net Natives also made sure to bid on competitor keywords on behalf of the college. This meant that the College was appearing in Google for search terms which their key competitors would be ranking for; providing them with as much visibility as possible.

The Result

The campaign generated over 1600 open event signups, with a record number of 396 students enrolling at the college, equating to a staggering 5409% ROI. The client revealed that ‘they had never enrolled faster.’