If there’s something we can rely on at the beginning of each year, it’s an influx of health and fitness messages. Everywhere we look, we’re told to get up, get active and get healthy. It’s enough for you to want to tell them to get well and truly, well, you know what...

Far from the usual ‘new year, new you’ detritus, however, is the latest from Adidas. They’ve taken the concept of change and made it their own, all the while promoting collaborators from the ages, including US pro skateboarder, Jenn Soto as the ad’s lead. 

Entitled Change is a Team Sport, it’s a rallying cry for us all to come together with a healthy dose of inclusivity to boot. It urges us, the audience, to make positive changes in a time that’s pretty testing – no matter where you call home.


Class of celebrity

Making its debut at this year’s Grammy awards, the brand brought Jonah Hill in to help them celebrate the 50th anniversary of their iconic Superstar trainers. Directing and starring in the film, it’s a nod to last year’s movie, Mid90s – a love letter to skateboarding but this time updated for a 2020 audience.

Rushing through a first day at a school setting, Soto gets her brand new kicks. Head to toe in the classic three stripes, she sprints past an Adidas army in identical outfits, immersed in different classroom scenes. 

Hill’s voice is heard over a tannoy effect, with a clear and quite rousing message: “We can all do amazing things on our own, but together we can do so much more.”

Soto arrives in time for a class photo featuring legends from across industries, just as Hill tells the school to share their strengths – something we all need to remember to do, especially in an education setting. 

School of hard knocks

Other than learning not to be late, or be forced to speed around on a skateboard (not something most of us would be up for), we can take away a few things from this ad.

First up? Community is cool. As the cast unite, more and more layers are added to the picture – from musician Pharrell Williams to NBA hall-of-famer Tracy McGrady, we see Adidas collaborators from years gone by. 

Our protagonist, Soto, speeds by but remains in shot, showing the cross-generational connections the brand is championing.

It’s a great USP for universities too. A sense of community, be it online or on campus, it’s a great way to cut through and connect with audiences. A sense of togetherness and acceptance is hard to not be enthralled by, after all. It’s human nature to want to be included.

What else? Game-changers are great. As an audience, we all know this. All you have to do is read the news to know people brave enough to shake things up are exactly what our world is crying out for. 

And combining the experience of a slightly older generation with the tenacity of the young is a great way to achieve the things our society and planet desperately needs us to do. 

Not only that, Soto’s leading role, alongside the prestigious and diverse allstars in the background, is a firm reminder of a strong yet simple advertising tactic: people like to see themselves reflected back at them in ads. There’s so much potential in it.

Besides, who doesn’t want to be on the right side of history? 


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Article by

Freya Hughes

Freya Hughes

Creative Copywriter