Here at Natives, we’ve collated a few different resources during the team’s (virtual) travels, whether that be free exercise classes, good news stories or just some general loveliness, to keep us all a little less blue throughout these strange and mysterious times. And since it is mental health week this week, we thought it was a great time to share these resources beyond our internal cyber walls and hopefully, they will lift a few spirits your way too. 

  1. Serving you some daily pilates. Claim your free class with a pilates instructor by clicking on this link, which will then register your details on Team Up and allow you to book into any class you like for free. Stretch out those sofa-bounded muscles. 

"Our Beginners Class is the perfect place for them to start but they are of course welcome to try any of our other classes if they prefer.” 

  1. Or you can try out instead: 5 ways to keep moving at home brought to you by MyProtein. And yes, walking to and from the kitchen can count as exercise too if you like. To take it down a peg and opt for a downward dog instead, they’ve got you covered here as well with a 30-minute yoga stretch


  1. And what about some good news? ...Outside of the world of COVID-19 and talks of peaks and graphs. Lockdown and sunny weather help UK set new record for coal-free power. And across the pond, since the Pledge My Check website was launched (volunteers have rallied financially secure individuals to donate some of their income to COVID-19 funds) over $18,000 was pledged from 37 people across 11 states in the first week! Talk about communities coming together. 

  2. We’re all about supporting the local businesses with weekly takeaways but cooking up a storm yourself full of the good stuff is a one way to lift that mood. Here are 17 easy recipes to cook while in quarantine that are pantry based and sure to get those important nutrients in.

  3. On a similar note, if you want a break from listening and reading the news at the moment then check out some of these instead. Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday, Talks at Goldman Sachs with Paul Farmer, CEO of MIND (Mental health in a pandemic) and Running a $300M business from home, a day in the life of Gymshark Owner. Another winner is John Krasinski’s Some Good News. All of these are personal book, podcast and other recommendations from our team (but spoiler alert: they’re solid recommendations).

  1. And if you’ve missed these on Student Hut over the last few weeks for our student readers, these feel-good blog articles are perfect for getting any one through the isolation period. The 10 Best Documentaries on Netflix (we won’t judge if you complete them all), The Marvel Cinematic Universe films ranked in order of optimal viewing (you’re welcome) and how to manage life goals in lockdown. Here’s a link to our entire wellness hub, that is full of healthy and tangible tips on how to look after your mental health.

And there you go. We hope you are staying healthy and sane during this crazy team and let us know you haven’t any recommendations of your own on our social media channels! If you want to stay up to date with what we are getting up to, be sure to sign up to our fortnightly newsletter here

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